Having been involved with diagnostic imaging all of his working life, Fraser joined the Veterinary division of Probo Medical in 2003 following several years with Dynamic Imaging. Fraser is responsible for Veterinary Ultrasound and CT equipment across the UK and has extensive knowledge of Veterinary medicine and healthcare from his vast involvement within Veterinary practices spanning his career.

Fraser approaches his work within the Veterinary field with sensitivity and understanding of the animals, and the appreciation of the ever-evolving technology required in diagnosis. Fraser has the ability to motivate, inspire and challenge students by contributing to our various CT and Ultrasound programmes in Diagnostic Imaging. Fraser is able to draw upon his clinical and academic experience to successfully deliver specific information in the field of Veterinary imaging.

From his experience within animal hospitals and clinics, Fraser has gained acclaim from his excellent verbal communication skills covering bespoke ‘Buttonology’ CT and Ultrasound CPD courses provided inhouse and on-site.

When Fraser is not working, he has a love of unreliable Italian motorcycles, which he restores! He also has a keen interest in both film and digital photography and can often be seen on the coastline crouched over a camera.

Whilst delivering a broad base of expertise in all aspects of Veterinary imaging, Fraser is able to provide an expert opinion on the discipline. Follow us here to see what Fraser has to say in ‘Frasers Footnotes’…