GE's Voluson Expert-Series women's health ultrasound line is a time-tested favorite amongst sonographers. The newer software revisions (BT16 and up) on the GE Voluson Expert-Series systems deliver exceptional imaging quality at record speeds. However, no system is faster or clearer than the GE Voluson E10 that runs the new GE eM6C 4D Volume Probe. With it's upgraded hardware and software packages, the sonographer can collect more imaging data faster than ever before - especially with GE's newest probe technology.

The Clearest Image in Women's Health Ultrasound

The GE Voluson E10 is a great system, but what truly sets it apart from the rest of the Voluson Expert-Series line is that it can run the new GE eM6C 4D Volume Probe. GE's HDLive 3D/4D software has never looked as good as it does while using the GE eM6C probe on the GE Voluson E10 BT18's HD OLED display.

GE eM6C 4D Volume Probe

Faster, Clearer, More Efficient

Achieve brilliant resolution and volume rates up to 16x higher than those with standard mechanical probe technology this curved matrix electronic 4D ultrasound probe. The eM6c delivers ultra-fast volume rates, flexible imaging formats, and excellent resolution from routine OB exams to complex fetal echocardiography.

The GE Voluson E10 with the GE eM6C matrix electronic 4D probe delivers 4x the Clarity, 10x the speed, and 4x the efficiency of the previous Voluson Expert-Series Models (BT13 and below).

See the GE eM6C in Action

You can see an example of the GE eM6C 4D matrix probe live scanning with HDLive on the GE Voluson E10 BT18 Women's Health Ultrasound System on the video below:

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