Probo Medical is excited to announce the launch of our industry-leading repair capabilities for the Philips X8-2T transesophageal (TEE) ultrasound transducer that’s compatible with the Philips Epiq 7 ultrasound system.

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Probo Medical provides a free 24-hour repair evaluation and a same-day loaner on all probe repairs. Our dedicated TEE ultrasound probe repair facility continues to be a world leader in top-quality repair. Probo Medical's in-house repair technicians have a combined 100+ years of repair experience and execute an extensive quality review process for every probe we repair and sell. You can be confident when repairing your probe with Probo Medical.

Philips X8-2T

For cardiac tests, the Philips X8-2T features a more powerful xMatrix performance because of its acoustic design that delivers higher frequencies and width; therefore, creating an increased resolution and tissue filling in 2D and Live 3D. Also, its real-time configurable function button allows for more precise and controlled imaging. With the Philips X8-2T, you’ll have no EKG dependency, no stitching artifacts, and a strong confidence in your diagnosis.


Philips X8-2T TEE

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Brian Gill is Probo Medical’s Vice President of Marketing. He has been in the ultrasound industry since 1999. From sales to service to customer support, he has done everything from circuit board repair and on-site service to networking and PACS, to training clinicians on ultrasound equipment. Through the years, Brian has trained more than 500 clinicians on over 100 different ultrasound machines. Currently, Brian is known as the industry expert in evaluating ultrasounds and training users on all makes and models of ultrasound equipment, this includes consulting with manufacturers with equipment evaluations during all stages of product development.