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Scanner Buttonology Courses

Learn more skills with Probo
Refurbished logiq s7

Level 1 Course

Getting a new ultrasound scanner is a great experience, everyone is full of enthusiasm and ready to start scanning.  When we deliver a scanner to your surgery we make sure to spend time going over the controls with your vets and setting the scanner up to suit your surgery's needs.  Often, the very nature of the business means that some of your vets miss out on training or simply forget.  Here's where we can help you.


We all know that going on ultrasound training courses can help you develop your diagnostic skills, but what about when you get back to the surgery and are faced with your own scanner.  Or when all the installation training has been forgotten.  Can you remember the scanner controls and are you getting the best out of your ultrasound scanner?  In our experience, unless you and your vets are using the scanner regularly, you tend to forget which button does what and how best to optimise the image.

Probo Veterinary offer a half day 'buttonology' training session for our customers.  The session is tailored to suit you, faced with your own scanner.

voluson s10 keyboard

Below is a brief breakdown of what would happen on a typical scanner training session

  • Introduction to the theory of ultrasound - this is done using analogies and is NOT a physics lesson.  After all, we want you to enjoy the session.
  • Basic Controls - as long as you can remember the fundamentals from this part of the day, you'll be able to set an image up properly
  • More Advanced Controls - these allow you to develop your skills but will be more of a long term goal
  • Basics of imaging in B Mode, M Mode, Basic Colour and Doppler
  • Taking measurements and using the onboard calculations packages

These scanner training sessions are designed to help you get the most out of your scanner and although they touch on some diagnostic information, they are primarily scanner 'driving lessons'.

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