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3880 Portable MRI Monitoring System

Patient Monitor for MRI Environment

The time when you need one monitor for transport and one monitor in the MRI scanner is over. IRadimed is the worlds first non-magnetic patient monitor, designed to be small and light.

These unique characteristics make it the first and only portable patient monitor for MRI environment. This will simplify the streamline the entire transport process from the department to the MRI scanner and back - in a cost effective manner.

A Screen for the entire MRI process.

Continuity of patient monitoring and data storage

Eliminates the need to have a dedicated transport monitor

Prepare the patient on the ward for a more effective use of an MRI room and MR personnel.


Wireless 5-lead ECG

Wireless Masimo SpO 2

SpO2 Perfusion


Dynamic Trend

Colour-coded alarm system



Anaesthetic  agent ID with automatic detection of gas type

O2 and N2O

Fibre-optic temperature

Cardiac and Peripheral Gating

MRI Patient Monitoring

The first and only portable multi-parameter monitor for MRI environment

Clear user interface with colour screen and touch function.

Wireless Functionality (patient monitor)

3- or 5- lead ECG

Masimo® SpO2

Extended Battery life

Small and light

Handy for all patient types

Wireless Control from the control room (tablet)

The wireless tablet is a "mirror" of the monitor and can operate most functions on the monitor, for example NIBP

The wireless tablet will be charged in the supplied docking station, which also includes network interface, and battery charger for monitor.