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The compact cart based Vivid S6 offers a range of features to cover all of your cardiac and abdominal requirements. With an innovative design, this easy to navigate system is an ideal solution for those looking to advance their cardiology skills. With optional software, these systems can also be used for abdominal and musculoskeletal scans.
• Cardiology
• Vascular
• Abdominal
• Musculoskeletal

  • GE Vivid S6 Probes
    Probe compatibility may be system or option specific. Please contact us for further information.
    • 12L-RS Linear Probe
    • 8C-RS MicroConvex Pediatric Probe
    • 4C-RS Convex Probe
    • 3S-RS Cardiac Sector Probe
    • 5S-RS Cardiac Sector Probe
    • 6S-RS Cardiac sector Probe
    • 7S-RS Cardiac Sector Probe
    • 1 0S-RS Cardiac Sector Probe
    • 8L-RS Linear Probe
    • i12L-RS lntraoperative Linear Probe
    (Hockey Stick)

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GE Vivid S6 Features
Exact features may vary between systems. Additional options can be installed to meet your needs.
• Imaging Modes:
• B-Mode with High Frame Rates
• M-Mode & Anatomical M-Mode
• Colour M-Mode
• Colour Doppler
• Power Doppler
• Pulsed Wave Doppler
• Continuous Wave Doppler
• Tissue Doppler Imaging
• THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
• Compound Imaging
• TSI (Tissue Synchronisation Imaging)
• Auto CFM Optimisation
• ECG Module
• Full Cardiac Analysis Packages
• 17” Colour LED Screen
• 2 USB Ports
• On-board Patient Data Management • Image Archiving
• CINE Loop
Additional Options
• Vascular Package
• Performance Package
• TVI & TT
• Smart Stress
• LVO Contrast
• Stress Echo

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