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Mindray DP-10 Vet


The Mindray DP-10 Vet is Mindray Animal’s most economical veterinary ultrasound machine. The DP-10 Vet has a wide range of probes covering abdominal, thoracic, cardiac, tendinous, small parts, urology, and the reproductive system for companion animals, equine, and farm animals. It includes Mindray’s well-known and easy-to-use reporting software as well as iStorage for instant report and image transfer to a PC. Another great feature, that some higher-end models do not have, is the high-speed solid-state disk. The DP-10 Vet has an intuitive interface and user-defined keys for programmable customized operations.

The Mindray DP-10 Vet is a basic black-and-white portable ultrasound machine with the following standout features:

  • High-definition LED monitor with a full-screen design
  • 30-degree tilting angle adjustable monitor for better viewing
  • Light and compact design offering extreme portability
  • 8GB solid-state disk
  • iZoom for instant full-screen image expansion


With a 12.1-inch black and white LED monitor and one probe connector, this machine is very basic. However, it is a great starter system for veterinarians and equine specialists. The DP-10 Vet is a good system to have during breeding season with its linear rectal probe. It offers clear images and has a nice range of basic probes. If you’re looking to do more advanced scans and need color-flow Doppler, we would recommend considering Mindray Animal’s other options like the DP-50 Vet or an even higher-end model like the Vetus E7.

You can find the Mindray DP-10 Vet brochure below. Probo Veterinary has a large inventory of owner’s manuals and brochures, contact us today for more information.

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