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Mindray M9 Vet

The Mindray M9 Vet is a premium portable ultrasound from Mindray Animal; designed for imaging companion animals, equine, farm animals, and mice. The system is an advanced veterinary cardiac ultrasound machine with cutting-edge veterinary transducer technology. The micro-convex and linear array for veterinary abdominal imaging include full range 3T and ComboWave technology. These innovative technologies enable better imaging penetration, resolution, and uniformity while reducing “cross-talk”. The Mindray M9 Vet has dedicated presets and patient management for veterinary applications. Image presets canine, feline, bovine, equine, and ovine for cardiac, abdominal, vascular, small parts, and reproduction applications. Learn more about the Mindray M9 Vet’s key features and specifications in the tabs below.

The Mindray M9 Vet includes a 39.6 cm 1080P LED HD monitor and weighs only 5kg without the battery. The thin magnesium alloy body is less than 6cm thick making the M9 Vet a compact, portable machine. Other key features include:

  • Dedicated Veterinary Software and Presets
  • Solid State Hard Drive
  • Echo Boost
  • HDR Flow
  • CW Imaging
  • Auto Measurements including PW Trace and AutoEF
  • Built-in Battery with 90 Minutes of Scanning
  • Optional Height Adjustable Trolley with Additional Battery for 3.5 Hours of Scanning

Advanced Cardiology Features:

  • Full diagnostic package for TDI (TVI, TVD, TVM, TEI) plus TDI Quantitative Analysis and Tissue Tracking Quantitative Analysis
  • LVO Function (Left Ventricular Opacification) provides clearer endocardial boundary display and improves the image performance of difficult patients
  • UWN+ Contrast Imaging provides comprehensive CEUS solutions for Abdominal, Small Parts and Cardiac applications
  • Natural Touch Elastography has a unique shell measurement and analysis tool with good reproducibility and less user dependency


The Mindray M9 Vet is highly portable with intuitive functionality and exceptionally clear images. The veterinary scan presets are usable and customizable. The system’s image quality has very clear colour flow and spectral Doppler with easy controls. The automated measurements are reliable with a very easy manual override, if necessary. Post-processing is user-friendly with several customizable buttons that can be tailored to your workflow.

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