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Mindray VetiX S300


The Mindray VetiX S300 is Mindray Animal’s newest DR Veterinary X-Ray Machine. The core components include a Canon X-ray tube and a patented software algorithm, a rack system, a flat panel detector, and a high-voltage generator. The system is CE certified and adheres to human digital radiography standards while having a dedicated veterinary design. The Mindray VetiX S300 DR Veterinary X-Ray has an integrated design with a generator and IPC. The generator has an ultra-high-frequency inverter at 460kHz to reduce radiation noise and enhance the image.  The flat panel is rated IP54 dustproof and waterproof. The Canon X-ray tube includes a lifespan of 100,000. exposure cycles. Built-in safety designs include an emergency stop switch and a real-time status indicator. The Mindray VetiX S300 works great for companion animals including larger canines with its imaging stitching capabilities.

The Mindray VetiX S300 DR system includes software and operational features that make the system user friendly including:

  • iShotHelper: Professional positioning guidance software, that gives visual aid on how to position the animal.
  • iVocal: Voice command for efficient capturing of exposure, frees up hands to provide comprehensive care for animals.
  • iSolo: Single-operator Workflow includes automatic transition to the next position after exposure that enables the user to complete the examination process in the same interface.
  • iFast: One-key Power On/Off & one-click registration and immediate exposure for canine and feline emergencies
  • FootSwitch Exposure Grading: reduces motion artefacts.
  • Measurement tools: a toolkit for enhanced measurement accuracy.
  • Image Stitching: enhance the diagnostic capability of larger animals with long bone image stitching.

Mindray VetiX S300 DR Veterinary X-Ray
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