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Mindray Vetus 50


The Mindray Vetus 50 is Mindray Animal’s newest colour console with an operating system based on ZST™ Technology. The Vetus 50 is an option for practices looking for the imaging power of a console with an affordable portable budget. Just like all of Mindray Animal’s dedicated veterinary ultrasound machines, the Mindrya Vetus 50 has one-touch presets for all species & sizes and is great for AFAST & TFAST exams, small animal cardiac, abdominal, and reproduction.

The Mindray Vetus 50 has many key features that make it a unique machine to consider for your veterinary practice including:

  • 21.5 inch LED Monitor
  • 1TB Sold State Hard Disk
  • iSanHelper, iWorks, iMeasure software tools provide a scanning tutor, standardization, and measure tips
  • Natural Touch Elastography for accurate and reproducible assessment of soft tissue properties
  • TDI mode including TVI, TVM, TVD, & TEI for assessing cardiac myocardial motion
  • HD Scope improves detailed information and image contrast in specific area on image
  • Smart Calc enables one key stroke to encircle the boundary of a lesion for measurement

The Mindray Vetus 50 is a console system in Mindray Animal’s Vetus series. The Vetus series are unique because they are dedicated veterinary ultrasound machines, designed for the specific needs of veterinary ultrasound imaging. Highlights of this machine include the iLight feature, a work light that provides just enough light for repositioning and checking the animal. The very low control panel position makes it convenient to scan animals on the floor; Other handy ergonomic features are the easy-to-clean control panel, multiple storage bins, optional battery for scanning, and the magnetic front cover. The Mindray Vetus 50 also includes some useful intelligent tools like Smart Calc, a one-key measurement for a focal lesion and mean grey value (two new measurements/calculations not seen in any other Mindray Animal Medical Technologies systems)

You can find the Mindray Vetus 50 brochure below. Probo Veterinary has a large inventory of owner’s manuals and brochures, contact us today for more information.

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