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The modern and efficient Cart Based Philip Affiniti 50 ultrasound scanner is a premium ultrasound scanner compatible with a wide range of transducers ideally suited to veterinary applications. With an easy to use interface, a wide range of imaging modes and featuring a host of advanced diagnostic tools, the Affiniti 50 makes it simple to make fast and accurate diagnosis. Ideally suited to modern veterinary practice, the Affiniti 50 has excellent performance both in cardiology and general imaging with a full specification, allowing any practitioner to grow and develop their skills.

  • Philips Affiniti 50 Ultrasound Scanner Probes
    Probe compatibility may be system or option specific. Please contact us for further information.
    • C8-5 Convex
    • C6-2 Convex
    • V6-2 4D Convex
    • VL13-5 4D Linear
    • L18-5 Linear
    • L12-5 50 Linear
    • L12/3 Linear
    • L15-7io Intraoperative linear • S4-2 Cardiac
    • S8-3 Cardiac
    • S12-4 Cardiac

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Philips Affiniti 50 Features
Exact features may vary between systems. Additional options can be installed to meet your needs.
• B Mode with fast frame rates
• M Mode & Anatomical M Mode
• Pulsed Wave Doppler
• Continuous Wave Doppler
• Colour & Colour Power Doppler
• Contrast Imaging
• 21.5” LCD display with four-way articulation
• 12” widescreen tablet-like touchscreen
• 4 transducer ports and one-handed
transducer access
• Intelligent software architecture
• Combined 512 GB storage capacity
• DVD+RW drive
• Wireless networking
• State-of-the-art ergonomic designed
system cart for comfort and convenience
• Easy-to-learn graphical user interface with
reduced number of hard controls
• Advanced control panel design with fewer,
clustered controls • 2D mode
• Tissue Harmonic Imaging(ThI) • M mode
• Color Doppler
• Color Power Angio Doppler
• Pulse wave Doppler
• Auto color and auto Doppler
• Transport mode : The system lasts 45
minutes before recharge
• PureWave crystal technology
• Auto Doppler for vascular imaging
• SonoCT real-time compound imaging • XRES adaptive image processing
• iSCAN intelligent optimisation

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