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The compact Philips Epiq 5 high end ultrasound scanner is part of a new generation of scanners, with fast boot up time, a specified keyboard and an highly intuitive touch screen control unit, the system is always available for a fast and accurate diagnosis. The flexible platform can be configured to suit your requirements, from a soft tissue and general imaging system through to full cardiology capability. The Epiq 5 offers stunning imaging quality in all modes and is an ideal partner for todays most demanding veterinary hospitals.

  • Philips Epiq 5 Ultrasound Scanner Probes
    Probe compatibility may be system or option specific. Please contact us for further information.
    • Convex (1 ~6Mhz)
    • Convex (2~9Mhz)
    • 2D Arrary 3D Convex (1 ~6Mhz)
    • Micro Convex (5~8Mhz)
    • 3D Convex (2~6Mhz)
    • Linear (>14Mhz)
    • Linear (3~ 12Mhz)
    • Linear ( 13Mhz)
    • Phased Array_ (1 ~5Mhz)
    • Phased Array (3~8hz)
    • Phased Array (4~ 12Mhz)
    • TEE_ (3-7Mhz)
    • TEE_ (3~ 7Mhz)
    • 2D Array 3D TEE (2~ 7Mhz)
    • Pencil CW (5 or 6Mhz)
    • Pencil CW (2Mhz)

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Philips Epiq 5 Features
Exact features may vary between systems. Additional options can be installed to meet your needs.
• B Mode Imaging with high frame rates
• M Mode , Anatomical Mo Mode & Colour M Mode
• Colour Doppler
• Colour Power Angio - Power Doppler
• Bi-directional Power
• Pulsed Wave Doppler
• Continuous Wave Doppler
• Tissue Doppler(Velocity) Imaging
• Trapezoidal imaging on linear probes
• Duplex, simultaneous and triplex
• Needle enhancement software
• SonoCT
• Tablet style touchscreen navigator
control panel
• High Q automatic Doppler analysis • Tissue Harmonic imaging
• Full Analysis packages
• Live 3D Echo
• Fast boot up times utilising solid
state drives
• Stress Echo
• DVD-RW, USB port & Internal HD
• Contrast Imaging (Cardiac & General
• On-board patient data management • Strain and Strain Rate (Cardiac)
• Image archiving & reporting
• Tissue aberration correction

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