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Applications Training

Our training team will set you up to be effective and efficient with your new machine.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Your New System

Save time and resources by requesting an in-depth training session from our experts here at Probo. We’ll help you maximise the use of your equipment and get your entire team comfortable with your new system.

Set Your Ultrasound Machine to Your Preferences

From comments to presets to ergonomics, our training team can customize your system to your unique preferences and environment.

Attend Virtually or In-Person

Probo offers a variety of options to get you and your team the ultrasound training you need to be successful. Request an on-site training at a location of your choice, or for a more flexible solution, attend our virtual training through Zoom. Need help deciding? Let us customise a training program specific to your needs and budget.

Guides, Videos & More

Visit our Resources section to access specific product guides, watch demo and review videos and learn more about ultrasound equipment.

Schedule Your Training Today

Call 01452 729380 or fill out our contact form below to get started.

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