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CT Seminars from Probo Veterinary

If you are thinking about installing CT to your practice but need more practical information on the clinical and business case for CT, why not attend one of our CT seminars?

an ultrasound system being operated by two Probo staff members

Our day long seminar provides:

  • Practical guidance on getting started - location, power, room planning and shielding requirements
  • Advice on financial viability - purchase costs, running costs and income projections
  • Advice on IT - PACS and integration into and or setting up a digital network
  • Presentations on case selection for CT in veterinary medicine
  • Q&A sessions



two Probo engineers with a system

Practical CT demonstrations

There are practical sessions during the day where you can view a working CT system. You will also be able to view and manipulate CT images on the CT workstation and third party software platforms including 3D reconstructions, MPRs and MIPs

Speakers; to be confirmed

Cost £300+VAT. If you purchase a CT scanner within 3 months of attending a CT seminar, the full course costs will be reimbursed to you.