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Mindray Vetus 8


The Mindray Vetus 8 is a premium console ultrasound for imaging a wide variety of animals from small to large. The Vetus 8 provides a simple workflow, cutting-edge technology, and a dedicated veterinary design. Mindray Animal created the Vetus 8 to be a complete veterinary solution making it the ideal ultrasound system for your everyday practice. The system includes ComboWave and 3T transducer technology, allowing better penetration, resolution and image uniformity. Advanced Echo Boost for cardiology enables more details of myocardium tissue and better noise control in cardiac chambers. The Mindray Vetus 8 includes the Vetus series’ popular user interface. Transducers and exam modes are located in the same display window for one-second selection and frequently-used modes are listed on the touchscreen for one key switch. Dedicated veterinary ultrasound image presets are classified according to species and subdivided by body weight and size. They can be easily customized and optimized to the user’s requirements. iTouch and iClear offer auto image optimizations in gain and uniformity, as well as, sharpening tissue border definition. The Mindray Vetus 8 is a well-rounded machine for cardiac, abdominal, superficial, MSK and repro imaging for feline, small and big-sized canine, equine, bovine, ovine and exotic big and small animals.

The Mindray Vetus 8 includes a 60.4 cm LED high-resolution monitor with a dual wing floating arm enabling five-dimensional flexibility. The 33.7 cm anti-glare touch screen has 30° rotation and multi-gesture operation. Easy data management is standard on all Mindray systems; the Vetus 8 includes a 1TB hard disk for data storage, iStorage/DICOM 3.0/USB3.0/built-in WiFi, and the Medsight app to transfer images to smart devices. Other key features include:

  • 4 transducer connectors with the option to have 5
  • Sliding keyboard with protection film
  • Built-in battery for standby mode
  • Anti-hair-wrapped, 360° rotation wheels

Advanced Specialty Features:

  • Tissue Doppler Imaging with complete modes (TVI/TVD/TVM/TEI) plus TDI QA and Tissue Tracking with Quantitative Analysis
  • Elastography is stiffness-sensitive and less user-dependent for tumour evaluation
  • iNeedle is needle enhancement for ultrasound-guided biopsy with clear visualization of needle
  • Free Xros CM: Curved Anatomical M-mode


The Mindray Vetus 8 has a high-quality image and advanced features for difficult veterinary cases and complicated scenarios. The dedicated veterinary design has taken into account all the veterinarians needs to image different species and sizes with confident diagnosis. The Vetus series includes Mindray’s concise UI and easy workflow. Data management and post-processing are reliable and user-friendly.

You can find the Mindray Vetus 8 brochure below. Probo Veterinary has a large inventory of owner’s manuals and brochures, contact us today for more information.

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