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Mindray DP-50 Vet


The new Mindray DP-50 Vet portable ultrasound was designed with high-quality animal care in mind as it provides the user with innovative ultrasound technologies and improved ergonomics. Equipped with a powerful engine that allows for high-speed exam processing, this ultrasound will not only provide you with high-resolution image quality but will also help you make informed management solutions.

The new Mindray DP-50 Vet ultrasound has a 15-inch high-resolution LCD monitor equipped with tilt functionality to better view exams with ease. These workflow enhancements will allow you to increase efficiency and maintain positive patient outcomes.

The Mindray DP-50 Vet provides the user with the following key benefits:

  • iTouch Auto Image Optimization
  • iClear Speckle Reduction Adaptive Image Processing
  • Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging (PSHI)
  • One-click image save and transfer
  • Onboard reporting
  • DICOM 3.0 compliant


As far as large manufacturers are concerned, only Mindray still caters to providing a low-cost, high-quality ultrasound machine in its lineup. This is great for the consumer as many of Mindray’s more advanced technologies trickle down to its budget ultrasound machines.

The DP-50 Vet has what most will need to provide repro, MSK, and various other clinical applications. This is the lowest-cost compact system from Mindray that provides imaging needs for a wide range of basic capabilities.

You can find the Mindray DP-50 Vet brochure below. Probo Veterinary has a large inventory of owner’s manuals and brochures, contact us today for more information.

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