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The Philips IU22 premium ultrasound scanner is ideally suited to veterinarians with a keen interest in detailed abdominal and soft tissue diagnostic imaging, making this the perfect match. The IU22 is configured with veterinary specific applications, coupled with an intuitive workflow, means the IU22 is a highly versatile and capable ultrasound scanner for todays most demanding veterinary hospitals.

  • Philips IU22 Ultrasound Scanner Probes
    Probe compatibility may be system or option specific. Please contact us for further information.
    • Matrix array probe X3-1 (1-3 mhz)
    • xMATRIX array probe X7-2 (2-7 mhz)
    • Phased array probe S5-1 (1-5 mhz)
    • Phased array probe S4-1 (1-4 mhz)
    • Linear probe L 17-5 (5-17 mhz)
    • Linear probe L 12-5 (5-12M Hz)
    • Linear probe L9-3 (3-9 mhz)
    • Linear probe L8-4 (4-8 mhz)
    • Micro linear probe L 15-7io (7-15 mhz)
    • Microconvex probe C8-5 (5-8 mhz)
    • Convex probe C5-2 (2-5 mhz)
    • Convex probe C9-4 (4-9 mhz)
    • Convex probe C5-1 (1-5 mhz)

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Philips IU22 Features
Exact features may vary between systems. Additional options can be installed to meet your needs.
• B Mode Imaging with high frame rates
• M Mode Imaging
• Colour M Mode
• Colour Doppler
• Colour Power Angio - Power Doppler
• Pulsed Wave Doppler
• Duplex, simultaneous and Triplex
• High Q automatic Doppler analysis
• MPR & iSlice MPR Full Analysis packages
• Sono CT & XRES
• DVD-RW, USB port & Internal HD
• Tissue Harmonic imaging
• On-board patient data management • Tissue aberration correction
• Image archiving & reporting
• Touchscreen navigator/control panel • DICOM

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