When it comes to veterinary medicine, accurate diagnostics are crucial for the well-being of our furry patients. Our veterinary team at Probo has experience with many brands of ultrasound machines. We evaluated the current equipment on the market and chose our top two picks for the best veterinary ultrasound machines of 2023. For overall best imaging, ease of use, and advanced features, we recommend the Mindray M9 Vet and Mindray Vetus 9 ultrasound systems. Yes, we are the top ultrasound distributor for Mindray in the world so you might think we're biased but that's not the case! Our team has experience with many different manufacturers and chose to represent Mindray Animal based on their commitment to designing high-quality machines at affordable prices, plus they offer some of the longest warranties on the market. The Mindray M9 Vet and Vetus 9 ultrasound machines have taken the veterinary world by storm in 2023. These systems are redefining what it means to provide premium care thanks to their advanced features, versatility, and user-friendly design. In this article, we'll dive into why these machines are the go-to choices for veterinarians nationwide.


Best Veterinary ultrasound machines 2023

Deciding which system is best for you is determined by the main differences between the M9 Vet and Vetus 9. The M9 Vet is portable, while the Vetus 9 is console or cart-based. The Vetus 9 is more advanced as it was just recently released and has a newer platform---Zone Sonography Technology (ZST+). While the M9 Vet is an older model, it is Mindray Animal's flagship colour laptop ultrasound with advanced cardiac capabilities. In addition, the Vetus 9 runs a variety of single-crystal probes while the M9 Vet only runs the single-crystal cardiac probe.

Advanced Imaging Technology

The Mindray Vetus 9 runs on Mindray's Zone Sonography Technology (ZST+) platform. Why should you care? In traditional beam-forming technology, acoustic data is acquired line-by-line and focused with a digital beamformer using only a tiny fraction of the information in the data set. ZST+ captures and utilizes more details in the larger returning acoustic data set. Advantages include faster image processing for noticeably improved temporal resolution and image uniformity throughout the field of view with improved spatial and contrast resolution. These advanced imaging technologies mean higher-quality images and better diagnostic outcomes for your patients. While the M9 Vet does not run on ZST+, it has Mindray's mQuadro Imaging Architecture and a solid-state drive. mQuadro consists of advanced transmission and reception, powerful parallel processing and intelligent algorithms allowing for higher image resolution and colour sensitivity, enhancing diagnostic capabilities.

mindray m9 veterinary ultrasound machine

Versatility with a Wide Range of Applications

One size does not fit all, especially in veterinary medicine. Luckily, the M9 Vet and Vetus 9 are versatile veterinary ultrasound machines. With a wide range of transducers, these machines can handle anything from tiny critters to big farm animals. The Vetus 9 also has two Single Crystal probes in its arsenal for high-end abdominal and cardiac imaging. While the M9 Vet runs the SP5-1s single-crystal phased array probe. Both systems include micro-convex for small animal, convex for large animal, and linear for small parts/msk. The M9 Vet has an intrarectal linear for reproduction but the Vetus 9 does not. Whether you're doing AFAST, TFAST, cardiac assessments, or reproductive work, these ultrasound systems have you covered for all veterinary imaging applications.

Streamlined Workflow and Intuitive Interface

Veterinary professionals don't have time to fumble with complicated controls. The M9 Vet and Vetus 9 were designed to be user-friendly. If you are familiar with Mindray ultrasound machines, you know they have easy navigation and straightforward reporting. The M9 Vet and Vetus 9 are also dedicated veterinary ultrasound machines, not ultrasound machines designed for human imaging that were converted for veterinary use. The Vetus 9 includes one-touch presets for all species and weights and a quick switch/selection of probes. The M9 Vet doesn't have quite as easy-to-use presets but it does include dedicated veterinary exam modes, body marks, and measurements and reports. The auto-optimize software features and measurement tools included in these veterinary ultrasound machines will maximize exam time and your diagnostic confidence. The Vetus 9 also includes iWorks and iScanhelper software. iWorks is a scanning protocol software that shows you the next step in the exam. iScanhelper will also inform you where to position your probe for the type of scan you have chosen to perform.

Mindray Vetus series veterinary imaging presets

Advanced Features and Clinical Tools

The key features that both the M9 Vet and Vetus 9 include are Auto PW/CW, iClear, and iTouch. The Vetus 9 also includes the option to add Auto EF. Auto EF automatically recognizes diastole/systole frames and outputs the EDV, ESV, and EF measurements. iClear automatically clears the parenchyma noise and sharpens the tissue border. iTouch automatically optimizes the angle and gain of pulse wave Doppler. The M9 Vet and Vetus 9 both can auto-calculate CW and PW by automatically tracing the spectrum and calculating. You don't have to worry about getting accurate measurements because these tools will do it for you. If you're not happy with the auto measurement, you can easily correct it manually. Other advanced software features include iNeedle enhancement technology, Anatomical m-mode, and CW Doppler. The Vetus 9 also has the option to add Shearwave elastography for tumour analysis, left ventricle opacification contrast, and myocardium contrast imaging and other advanced features.

Connectivity and Data Management

We live in a digital age, and veterinary practices need to keep up. Luckily, the M9 Vet and Vetus 9 can deliver the technologies you need. These machines offer seamless connectivity with wireless internet built in and both include DICOM Basic and Worklist, DICOM MPPS and Query Retrieve. These technologies will allow you to effortlessly share images and collaborate with other veterinary professionals, saving lives has never been so connected!

Mindray Vetus 9 dog ultrasound

We hope this post on the best veterinary ultrasound machines of 2023 was informative and will help you decide in your purchasing process. If you would like a live online demonstration, please contact us today to schedule one with our dedicated veterinary team. We carry Mindray Animal's full line of veterinary ultrasound machines and can help you find which one best suits your needs based on budget and imaging requirements. We're sure we can find the perfect machine for your practice at an affordable price. Probo is determined to offer the best ultrasound prices and service, contact us today for a quote!