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Mindray DC-90 Vet


The Mindray DC-90 Vet with X-Insight focuses on the Veterinarian’s imaging requirements by providing a more comprehensive solution with enhanced usability and diagnostic efficiency. Premium efficiency and precision imaging are empowered by Mindray Animal’s thunder-speed VET imaging X-Engine that incorporates GPU+CPU architecture with image processing 3-4 times faster. Cutting-edge transducer technology (3T and ComboWave) provides better acoustic energy conversion and reduces “cross-talk” / thermal control while also improving Spatial and Contrast Resolution. Exceptional visualization is achieved with innovative image algorithms like Glazing Flow and iClear+. Glazing Flow demonstrates the colour Doppler flow in an intuitive 3D resolution capable of visualising superficial blood flow structures. iClear+ provides a better image with speckle noise reduction and contrast resolution to enhance the identification of lesions. The Mindray DC-90 Vet will equip your veterinarian practice with improved diagnostic confidence.

The Mindray DC-90 Vet includes a 54.6 cm monitor with a 33.7 cm anti-glare multi-gesture touch screen. The high-definition monitor has a 180-degree rotation on a dual-wing floating arm. The machine has a relatively small footprint with stable wheels and 5 active transducer sockets with built-in cable management. Other key features include:

  • Optional High Capacity Battery for Stand-by Mode and Continuous Scanning
  • iNeedle+ with auto-optimization
  • Dehaze with auto-optimization
  • Sliding Keypad with Protective Film

Advanced Abdominal and Cardiology Features:

  • Shear Wave Technology with STE, STQ, RLB Map and view  
  • UWN+ Contrast Imaging detects and utilizes both 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals
  • Complete diagnostic package for TDI (TVI, TVD, TVM, TEI) plus TDI Quantitative Analysis and Tissue Tracking Quantitative Analysis
  • Auto EF to measure EDV/ESV/EF and recognize systolic and diastolic images


The DC-90 Vet has Mindray’s well-known intuitive functionality and exceptionally clear images. The system’s image quality has great colour flow and spectral Doppler for superb cardiac imaging. Auto-calculation and optimization features increase efficiency and diagnostic confidence. Workflows are simplified with a concise user interface designed for the veterinary practice. The most frequently used modes are just one key away. Post-processing and data management are user-friendly.

You can find the Mindray DC-90 Vet brochure below. Probo Veterinary has a large inventory of owner’s manuals and brochures, contact us today for more information.

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